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Global Entry Interview

global-entry-interview Global Entry interviews take place at Global Entry enrollment centers. If  your scheduled interview time seems like forever away, you can always try walking in. Many applicants have had success showing up for an interview without an appointment.

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For your interview, make sure to arrive on time and bring:

  • A print-out of your letter of conditional approval
  • Valid passport or permanent resident card
  • Drivers license

It is wise to also bring:

  • Evidence of your employment (tax return or pay stub)
  • Evidence of residency (a mortgage statement, utility bill, etc.)

Once at the facility, you may have to wait a bit if the CBP officers are busy. The interview with a CBP agent is straightforward and easy.  During the interview you will have your photograph taken for your Global Entry card and your fingerprints will be scanned. Also, expect to be questioned about your application. You may have confirm some of the countries you had visited (as per your application) and whether you’d been to each for business or leisure travel. The interview is usually not longer than 10 minutes and no personal questions are asked.

If you are approved, you will receive your Global Entry card within seven to 10 days. Also you will receive your KTN (Known Traveler Number) so that you could enter it  in your frequent-flyer profiles and be eligible for TSA PreCheck. It’s important to note that you also must activate your card in your GOES account within 30 days of receiving it, though you don’t necessarily need it to pass through Global Entry kiosks at eligible airports.

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