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Global Entry Card Activation and Use

Once you have completed your Global Entry interview and granted a 5-year membership, you will receive your Global Entry card in mail in about one week.

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When you get your card, you need to log back into your GOES account and active you card before you use it.There is an “activate card button” you need to click and then enter the security code from your Global Entry card. This will activate your card and complete the application process.

With your card you will be able to use your membership’s benefits to cross the Mexican or Canadian border in less than 20min and use your KTN/ to enjoy TSA PreCheck benefits.


How To Use the Global Entry Kiosk

Once you have been approved, using Global Entry is very easy. Follow the sign that says Global Entry when you arrive at immigration. When you approach the kiosk, use your fingerprints to identify yourself (sometimes this can take a few tries), answer a couple questions on the screen and have your photo taken. When you are cleared, you can proceed to baggage claim. The process will take up only a few minutes. You will not need your Global Entry card to go through Global Entry kiosks in the US, but you will need it going through Sentri or Nexus lanes at the Mexican or Canadian border when coming back to the US for expedited entry.

 With Global Entry you Get TSA PreCheck for free
If you want to use the TSA PreCheck benefit you need to enter your KTN in your frequent-flyer profiles
. Some members  report they have occasionally been denied the privilege. In any case, you should have TSA PreCheck almost all of the time if you have Global Entry.

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