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Privacy Policy is firmly committed to the privacy of information provided by visitors to our website. The purpose of our Privacy Policy is to inform the customer how we handle their private information.

The information we collect

All of our web pages is accessible without providing us with any personal information. When you browse our website you are anonymous to us and we cannot identify you. However, if you choose to contact us, we will know your email address and IP address. If you choose to buy our services, you will need to supply us with private information that will enable us to perform the service. Private information is submitted by the applicant voluntarily. It includes your email address, your name, any questions submitted, your email signature, etc.  We will not collect any credit card information. Any personal data supplied to us will be used solely for the purpose indicated on the web page requesting the information to process your order.

Security of your private information

Information voluntarily given us will never shared with any third party for any reason. It will never be sold, disclosed or shared. Offers received from other companies to share information will be declined. We do not currently use cookies.
Additionally, if you wish to delete you personal information from our servers, or find out what user data we are holding about you, please contact us via the “email us” button.

Changes in our Privacy Policy

This Privacy policy is subject of change without any prior notice. By using this website, you agree to our Privacy policy and Terms of Use.