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Global Entry for Foreign Citizens

Global Entry membership is available to more than US citizens and permanent residents. It is now open for citizens of Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, Panama, South Korea and the UK. Canadian citizens and legal permanent residents are also eligible for Global Entry benefits through the NEXUS program. Global Entry is definitely worth considering since wait times at immigration sometimes reach an hour or more and if you’re traveling with carry-on luggage, you can get from the plane to the arrivals area in just a few minutes.

The application process for UK citizens is slightly different than the regular process. First, they need to register through their government website and pay a 42 GBP  fee. If approved by the UK government, British citizens can then continue with the application process. 

Pay Now  Download Application

Step 1: Pay our service fee for checking and submitting your application to CBP for review by clicking on the Pay Now button. After we establish your GOES profile, we will give you a link to pay the additional $100 government fee for background and security checks.
Step 2: Download the relevant application form. Fill out one application per applicant.
Step 3: Send the form via e-mail to: or fax to: (832) 201-9600.

Foreign citizens need to know that once their application is approved, they will  need to schedule an interview at a Global Entry Enrollment CenterThe most time-efficient option is to schedule an appointment for when you’ll be traveling through an airport that has an Enrollment Center — if you’re passing through customs and immigration, you may even walk right past the interview room. Walk-ins are sometimes accepted, so it might be worth checking in even if you don’t have an appointment or your appointment is a few months away. UK citizens with a Green Card do not need a UK background check.

 US citizens who consider applying Global Entry and  visit Canada often may want to get a NEXUS card instead so they can have expedited customs there as well. Clearing Canadian customs and immigration can take a while, so this would save you a lot of time. NEXUS is  cheaper than Global Entry and US citizens and permanent residents who have it also get Global Entry and TSA PreCheck for free. The downside is you have to go one of the enrollment centers located along the Canadian border.