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Global Entry for Children

All children, regardless of age, must have Global Entry to order to skip the standard line when entering the country with their parents. The application process is absolutely the same as for adult applicants and the same fees apply. If conditionally approved each child needs to have a separate interview appointment with a CBP officer and attend it accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

Pay Now  Download Child Application

Step 1: Pay our service fee for checking and submitting your child’s application to CBP for review by clicking on the Pay Now button. After we establish your child’s GOES profile, we will give you a link to pay the additional $100 government fee for background and security checks.
Step 2: Download the relevant application form. Fill out one application per child.
Step 3: Send the form via e-mail to: or fax to: (832) 201-9600.

Our service

Once we match your child’s application to your payment, we will pass it to one of our agents. They will check the application for mistakes, omissions and for consistence with CBP requirements. They will create a profile for your child in the government system and enter their data. Once this task is complete, we will email you with an ID and password so you can access your child’s profile and finalize their application by paying the government fee with your credit card. You will be able to schedule your child’s  Global Entry interview as soon as you receive their conditional approval notification.

Tip! Children do not have to be Global Entry members to go through TSA Precheck with their parents.

Children under the age of 13 DO NOT need to be a member of Global Entry, SENTRI, NEXUS or TSA PreCheck in order use TSA PreCheck lanes with their parent or guardian. However, the parent or guardian must be a member of Global Entry, SENTRI, NEXUS or TSA PreCheck and must have been selected for TSA PreCheck upon checkin.

 Before purchasing the Global Entry service, please refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.