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Apply for a US Passport


On this page you can download the US passport application e-book. It will be useful for both adults and children who want to apply for a first-time passport or renew their passports. We offer an all-in one service – you do not have to waste time browsing the web and finding the correct application forms.

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How do I get my US passport application?

  1. Please click on the “Download application” button. You will be directed to a payment page
  2. After you complete the payment, you see a link to download the US passport application e-book. Please contact us if you have trouble downloading the pack.

The US passport application e-book contains:

  • US passport eligibility criteria
  • Instructions on filling out the application form
  • Information about the supporting documents
  • Instructions about lost and stolen passports
  • Instructions on name changes
  • Emergency travel instructions
  • US passport fees and how to pay them
  • Government application forms for adults and children

The benefits of using our passport application e-book:

  • We have collected and synthesized all the important information you will need to apply for your passport from a foreign country;
  • We save you the time and trouble of searching the web for relevant information;
  • We interpret the government jargon for you – our instructions how to fill out the application forms are simplified so that everyone can understand them;
  • We instruct you where to submit your passport application and how to pay the correct fees which will guarantee your application does not get lost or rejected by the Passport Office;
  • We respond promptly to all questions from clients, usually within 1 business day.
  • The pack contains all relevant passport application forms which you can also get from the government for free.


You do not have to use Passports and Visa services and pay for our e-book. You can get your US passport application forms for free at

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